Management information preparation helps profitability

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A marketing literature firm engaged Howard Worth to prepare management information and provide support for VAT submissions. The service delivered was immediately recognised by the client to be of greater value than previous advisors, not only providing the accounting package reports, but supplying analysis of the period as well as narrative to explain variances and changes. Accordingly the client has been able to focus efforts on more profitable areas of the business and improve relationships with customers and suppliers alike. By helping the client gain a greater understanding of the transactions undertaken within the company, they were able to recognise opportunities for VAT reclaims of under-reported purchases.

Financial model development aids fund-raising

News Article

Having previously assisted the client in preparing a financial model, they wanted to develop it further for use in a fund-raising exercise. The client undertook the majority of the work themselves, but used the knowledge and experience of Howard Worth to perform a review of the model providing a critique and the amendments required to ensure that the model was suitable for it’s new purpose.

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