There are many reasons why you might need to get your business valued:

  • Perhaps you are preparing to sell your business or to change the ownership.
  • You might have been targeted for a takeover and want to assess the proposed price.
  • You might be dissolving the company, or having to settle with a departing shareholder; or it might be required by a bank or lender.

Whatever the reason; we can provide you with an independent, objective valuation which will enable you to be in a stronger position knowing how much this valuable asset – your business – is worth.

The valuation of your business can be performed at a budget to suit you:

  • For high level assessments we will only require some basic documentation, to provide you with an assessment of your business’ value.
  • However; for a more in-depth and full valuation, we can provide a more comprehensive report investigating and understanding more of your business, such as the processes, assets and pipeline of work.

Please contact us for a free initial consultation to discuss the requirements of your valuation and how we can help you.