ONS revises growth figure as UK economy fails to meet expectations

Posted in Blog on May 26, 2017

The Office for National Statistics’ (ONS) first quarter figures showed that GDP rose by just 0.2 per cent – 0.1 per cent less than predicted.

Almost half of entrepreneurs say clear business strategy is crucial to success

Posted in Blog on May 25, 2017

Almost half (47 per cent) of business leaders and budding entrepreneurs believe that having a clearly-defined business strategy in place is crucial to …

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Almost three-quarters of business managers think a Brexit deal that secures access to the single market would be the best outcome of the upcoming negotiations, a study has revealed. The research, published by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), said just as many owners were also open to the prospect of freedom of movement. Comparatively, just 19 per cent of the 801 managers interviewed favoured a “hard Brexit”. The survey also looked at managers’ top five priorities for the upcoming general election. Whether the moving vans will be called into number 10 next month or not, 66 per cent of managers want the Government to prioritise securing trade deals with non-EU countries, while 58 per cent want to maintain access to EU talent by securing the rights of existing residents. A further 53 per cent have improved infrastructure on their wish list. Meanwhile, just 30 per cent want to see continued investment into the Apprenticeship Levy, while 27 per cent want to promote UK higher education as an export. Just 19 per cent called for a reduction in corporate tax to be a priority, the CMI said. Ann Francke, CMI chief executive, said: “Political leaders looking for a strong mandate from this election must consider the views of the UK’s 3.2 million managers, who are key drivers of the UK’s productivity. Managers have serious concerns about continued access to skilled workers, and this is motivating the desire for free movement of people post-Brexit. “All parties should focus post-election on the need to build an internationally competitive economy based on a world-class skilled workforce.”

Posted in Blog on May 24, 2017

Almost three-quarters of business managers think a Brexit deal that secures access to the single market would be the best outcome of the upcoming negotiations, …

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SMEs losing customers over failure to accept electronic payments, study suggests

Posted in Blog on May 23, 2017

A new study suggests that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that do not accept electronic payments are missing out on more than £1bn in potential …

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Labour pledges to exclude small businesses from quarterly digital reporting if MTD is reinstated

Posted in Blog on May 22, 2017

The Labour Party’s manifesto claims that, if elected, the Party would ensure that small businesses with a turnover of £85,000 or less are exempt from …

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Just one-third of self-employed feel “in control” of finances, says study

Posted in Blog on May 19, 2017

Sole traders and micro businesses spend 19 million hours every week managing their finances, according to new research from accountancy software KashFlow. …

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Increasing number of small businesses reliant on gig economy workers

Posted in Blog on May 18, 2017

A new study suggests that an increasing number of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are now reliant on so-called ‘gig economy’ workers. As …

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eBay to force all UK traders to pay VAT

Posted in Blog on May 17, 2017

eBay traders will be forced to pay VAT on all purchases under new corporate structure rules to be launched later this year. Prompting the move, the online …

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Labour to propose ambitious Income Tax shake-up

Posted in Blog on May 16, 2017

The Labour Party is set to unveil ambitious Income Tax plans which would see almost one million more British workers pulled into a higher tax bracket. …

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Next Government urged to keep SMEs “front of mind” during EU trade talks

Posted in Blog on May 15, 2017

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) should be “front of mind” during all trade negotiations with the European Union (EU), the Federation of Small …

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