When buying a car, do you jump in the first one you see and drive off the forecourt? Of course you don’t. You would want to test, compare and make the right decision. And the same should be said about advice. Our second opinion service allows you to make a better-informed decision about an investment, a sale, or about how much tax you’re paying.

Bad advice can set you back

We’re not saying every accountant you speak to will give you poor advice. But just how much confidence do you have that the advice you’ve been given will give your business the best chance of moving forward? And are you certain it won’t set you back?

A second opinion from Howard Worth is simple. We’ll look at the advice you’ve been given and compare it against other options. That way, you can move forward with confidence that you have been given the best advice available.

What could you gain from a second opinion?

If we judge that you haven’t been given the best advice possible, we’ll suggest and recommend to you other options which may save you tax, save you time, or add value or security to your business.

Some of our most common second opinion services include:

  • If you’re paying too much tax, and why
  • How to reclaim overpaid tax from previous years or transactions
  • How to best extract profits from your business
  • How to cut the costs of your business, for example, payroll and energy bills
  • Whether investments are worthwhile
  • Whether you have chosen the correct company structure
  • How to improve your bottom line
  • How to improve your efficiency and ways of working, e.g. cloud accounting & IT systems