Mission Statement

Our purpose is to make a positive contribution to our clients, our team and the local business community.

We aim to do this by providing a fulfilling and rewarding environment that will inspire us all to improve and develop.

We strive for excellent client service resulting in pride, loyalty and enjoyment. All this enhances our reputation, enables us to create a practice which is stronger than the individual parts and to leave behind a firm better than the one we joined.

The partners at Howard Worth recognise the importance of their corporate social responsibilities and are committed in ensuring that it is attained and monitored in a co-ordinated and dedicated manner.

A team of partners and employees annually review and measure our policies to guarantee that our commitment to our environmental, community and ethical responsibility are continuously moving forward.

Our social responsibilities policies and their importance are shared throughout the members of our staff through our internal newsletters and appraisal programme.

Environmental Policy

The partners and management are committed to achieving a real and sustainable positive impact on the broader community in which we live and work. We believe that it is essential that both as a firm and as individuals we should operate in an environmentally conscious manner. Our objective is to minimise the negative impact of our business activity on the environment, wherever possible.

Our objectives are to:

  • Evaluate energy usage to see how we can use lower energy systems
  • Measure and reduce the amount of resources we use
  • Aim for a paper-free office culture
  • Reduce our paper correspondence where alternative communications can be used
  • Reuse existing furniture and equipment rather than replacing where possible
  • Recycle waste where possible and practical.
Howard Worth cycle to work day.

Our Work in the community

Our commitment to the local community is taken very sincerely, we support our staff through our ‘Give Time Back scheme’, this enables staff to partake in charity and community projects within working hours. As a company and as individuals we are involved with many activities and events both locally and nationally.

A number of staff have donated time and raised funds for St Luke’s Hospice counting sponsorship money and dressing up as Santa and running on a race track. We are supporters of Cheshire based charity CAFT (Children’s Adventure Farm Trust) our staff have supported the charity over the last few years through dressing up as reindeer for the children’s Christmas parties and donating presents for the Children on farm visits.

We are also supporters of social activities in the area and are regular supporters of Winnington Rugby Club supporting the local community.

Ethical Policy

As Chartered Accountants where we need to maintain the highest level of professional integrity with regard to our clients, staff and professional regulators, along with others with whom we interact.  We set our standards in excess of regulation with regard to client confidentiality, our objectivity and our independence.

Internal procedures have been established to report grievances or suspected inappropriate behaviour to other individuals or organisations. Equally the company will treat dishonest actions and accusations seriously; this may result in disciplinary action in accordance with company rules and disciplinary procedures.

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