HMRC shifting the “tax burden” onto UK consumers

Posted in Blog, HMRC, Tax, Tax Blog, VAT on January 16, 2019

Accounting experts have accused HMRC of shifting the “tax burden” onto UK consumers after finding that 21 per cent of their total income is accounted …

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HMRC crackdown on online tax evasion in the UK

Posted in Blog, Business, Business Advice, Business Blog, HMRC, VAT on January 14, 2019

The Joint and Several Liability (JSL) notices, were introduced in 2016 to protect British businesses from being undercut by overseas sellers committing …

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Businesses to be named and shamed under proposed new late payment system

Posted in Blog, Business, Business Blog, Business News, Finance, SME, SMEs, SMEs / Business on January 10, 2019

A newly proposed traffic light system could be used to put a spotlight on businesses with track records of late payments.

High Street sales continue to fall in December as retailers faced worst sales on record

Posted in Blog, Business, Consumer Spending, Economy on January 9, 2019

For the sixth year in a row, sales have fallen on Britain’s high streets in December.

New Government service has helped 200,000 start-up businesses

Posted in Accountancy, Blog, HMRC, SME, SMEs, SMEs / Business on January 7, 2019

Since the Streamlined Company Registration Service was launched last year, more than 200,000 start-ups have used the service.

Uncertainty stalling UK economic growth, warns BCC report

Posted in Blog, Brexit, Business, Business Blog, Economy, SMEs, SMEs / Business on January 4, 2019

UK growth is stagnating as a result of heightened Brexit uncertainty and other economic pressures, the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has warned.

New reporting measures governing top executive pay come into force

Posted in Blog, Business, Business Blog, Employees, Payroll, SMEs, SMEs / Business, Wages on January 2, 2019

New regulations come into force today, 02 January 2019, to make companies “justify their pay” for top bosses, the Government has revealed.

New to exporting? Get a head start with Tradeshow Access Programme funding

Posted in Blog, SME, SMEs, SMEs / Business on December 21, 2018

Applications are now open for UK businesses to apply for grants to attend international trade shows and export their products around the world.